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Monogramming & Embroidery by Davis Enterprises has been serving the Boston area since 1985.


Our specialty is custom embroidery and monogramming. Ken Davis does contract embroidery and monogramming for corporations, salons, sporting goods stores, pro shops, school, colleges, high school bookstores, sport teams, sororities and fraternities.

The Monogramming by Davis Enterprises’ shop has 12 sewing heads for machine embroidery and we embroider shirts, hats, visors, jackets, sweaters, scarves, baseball or knit hats, and other apparel including cheerleading , gymnastic and karate uniforms. Many of our customers purchase a gift on sale. Then by adding a customized personalization, embroidery or monogram it can be turned into a treasured keepsake that may one day be a family heirloom. We have done clergy garments, christening outfits, yarmulkes, and tire covers. Capes for hair stylists can be done in mirror image so that when the customer looks in the mirror, the text is readable. Monogrammed towels, quilts and baby blankets are especially popular. Just about anything a needle can go through can be beautifully embroidered as long as it can be put into a hoop.